Fans steal milk packets for Simbu

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Fans steal milk packets for Simbu

Following up Simbu’s appeal to his fans is all set to huge banners and pour milk on lires on his cut outs to celebrate his upcoming movie ‘Vantha Rajavathaan Varuven,’ the Tamil Nadu Milk Dealers Welfare Association (TNMDWA) has written to the police seeking a permanent ban on the ‘paal abhishekam’ practice as there has been unrestrained theft of milk packets due to this purpose.

This has become menace now and theft of milk packet is rampant. Trucks carrying milk packets to reach the city at midnight. At the early hours, supply to outlets begins. Its usual practice which will keep milk packets at the boxes outside shops. This is the time when fans steal up these packets whenever there is a superstar movie release

Simbu, in an earlier message to his fans, had requested not to involve in the same practices but changed his stance after he was apparently mocked for not having too many fans.

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