Karu Palaniappans question to directors union

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Karu Palaniappans question to directors union

Recently director Bharathiraja is said to have elected that the president of directors union without any election but later he had stepped down from role after saying that its democratically not to be chosen without election and stated that elections must be conducted for selection of president.

This is a discussion for decision on date for directors union election for selection of president and officer bearers held in Vadapalani yesterday. During this meeting, director Karu Palaniappan had made a fiery speech which turned out controversial.

Karu Palaniappan said that Bharathiraja come to the working committee meeting of directors union only once, its true that he had changed the face of Tamil cinema but does not mean he has to be treated as God, and further added up he had found lot of empty liquor bottles in directors union office and questioned if it was directors union or refreshment center.

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