Mikhael malayalam movie review and ratings

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Mikhael malayalam movie review and ratings

Haneef Adeni’s latest movie Mikhael opens up with a few murders followed up by a feud involving two rival gangs but then subsequent scenes reveal ip the entire chain of events leading up to began with a tense confrontation between two school kids.

Director: Haneef Adeni

Cast: Nivin Pauly, Manjima Mohan, Siddique, Unni Mukundan

The young son of a powerful, villainous businessman (Siddique) commits suicide after going through numerous humiliating experience with a girl, who happens to be the sister of a doctor named Mikhael (Nivin Pauly). The blame lies completely within the body but psychotic father wants to torment the girl until she follows his son’s footsteps.

To make long story short, this little is an excuse of for Nivin Pauly make his appearance in grand fashion. Mikhael is an out-and-out Nivin show, no two ways about it. This is a Haneef Adeni movie after all and writer director is giving up some serious competition to Amal Neerad at the style department.

I cant recall up a recent Malayalam movie which has worked for me which had this much swag packed into it. When you think about one character is a badass, there comes another and then another. One of them is Marco Jr  (Unni Mukundan), a quirky gangster is after Mikhael for what he did to his elder brother. If this were a Fast and furious movie, Nivin to be Vin Diesel and Unni to be Jason Statham. Though Unni’s beefed up his body and stylish screen presence work to his advantage, there are times you feel a bit underutilised.

There is a funny prison scene which has him playing amusing mind games with two other characters. There is no explanation as to why does certain things in the movie. Final climax between him and Nivin brings to mind the climactic Mohanlal-Suresh Gopi fight scene in Irupathaam Nootaandu. (In fact, Unni reminds me a lot of a young Suresh Gopi.)

Mikhael malayalam movie ratings: 4/5

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