Nadodigal 2 movie plot revealed

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Nadodigal 2 film plot revealed

Director Samuthirakani  made waves with his 2009 hit movie Nadodigal movie around few friends and troubles that undergo they help another friend’s love.  Movie starrer Sasikumar, Vijay Vasanth, Bharani and Ganja Karuppu was remade in Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali too.

A decade later, Samuthirakani is all set to arrive with various sequel to Nadodigal at this year. Director had recently revealed that Nadodigal 2 will bear no connection to Nadodigal which will be a complete different script with new characters. Movie is all about cast issues, plot revolves around four protagonists are against caste and what happens when they unite against caste elements at the society.

Inspired by social reformer Jeevanandam, Samuthirakani has named Sasikumar’s character after him, while Anjali plays a character named Sengodi after the comrade sacrificed her life, and the movie also stars Bharani and Athulya Ravi at main roles. Though the maker had planned to title up the movie as Raththam, it was Sasikumar who had suggested the title as Nadodigal 2, and the movie is scheduled to release by end of February.

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