Police arrives at Bigg Boss house to question Meera

Bigg Boss Tamil

Police arrives at Bigg Boss house to question Meera

The third season of TV reality show, Bigg Boss Tamil, started on 23rd June is said to be hosted by veteran actor Kamal Haasan for third consecutive time. Vanitha Vijaykumar was one of the controversial contestants of the show who was earlier called for a formal inquiry with police during her stay in house. She was accused of Kidnapping her own daughter by ex-husband, Anand Rajan has had her custody since couple got divorce in 2012.

Its now turn of Meera Mithun face an inquiry as Egmore police arrived at Bigg Boss house at the EVP film city to question her. Meera who was the accused of cheating a designer of Rs 50,000 has been charged with money laundering case. Designer reportedly filed up a complaint after Meera illegally took up advantage of Miss South India logo was apparently “irked the organizers of pageant.”An update regarding same is said to be made post the inquiry.


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